Answers to your most frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

$79 inclusive of GST

Can I join a program mid-way through?
Due to the structured format of the program participants are encouraged to commence at the beginning. But don’t worry - a new program commences regularly at our approved BowlAbilities centres!  Send us an email at [email protected] to register your interest for the next program.

What happens if I miss a week?
That’s fine. Just come along the following week and our lane rangers will take you through any important points that you missed and you can keep progressing at your own pace. 

What happens in a typical weekly session?
BowlAbilities has a different theme every week. Themes range from learning how to target, to throw more strikes and how to pick up spares right through to a back end tour of the bowling lanes – you won’t believe how far apart those pins actually are! 

But the one constant is that each week you have the opportunity to progress to a new level at your own pace. Our new shortened game format with a simpler scoring system is something that you will look forward to each week.  The sense of achievement from going up a level or simply beating your personal best score means there is something to celebrate every week. 

Does I need bowling shoes? What should I wear?
Ordinary shoes can damage the surface of the approach so you will be encouraged to wear bowling shoes that are provided free of charge each week. However, if changing your shoes will be distressing for you, that's fine! Please wear comfortable, clean shoes, with non-marking soles. It’s important that participants wear comfortable, loose clothing such as t-shirts, tracksuit pants or shorts that allows free range of movement.   

How many levels can I progress through each week?
Participants can progress at their own pace, providing they have achieved the required points consistently for each level.

I already know how to bowl a little. Can I start the program at a higher level?
All participants begin on the same level and must work their way through each level. With a different theme every week there is plenty to learn and challenge every participant.  Plus you will want to collect all the rewards for progressing along the way! 

If no bumpers or ramps are used, isn’t this too challenging for participants with an intellectual and/or physical disability?
Our innovative program shortens the lane by using carpet to bring the participant closer to the pins.  To begin, all participants start from halfway down the lane making hitting the pins even without bumpers more than achievable.  As their skills develop, participants move further away from the pins until they are eventually bowling on the entire lane with no bumpers!

How heavy is a bowling ball? I’m worried it will be too heavy for me.
Bowling balls start at 6 pounds or 2.7kg. As a rough rule of thumb, participants should bowl with a ball that is approximately 10% of their body. 

Is there an additional equipment available to assist participants with physical disabilities? 
As well as light weight balls, we have balls with retractable handles for participants who find it difficult to insert their fingers in the ball. Ramps are also available for those who have additional needs. Supported by additional resources- such as Story Boards, Cue Cards and Timelines- that help to facilitate effective communication and delivery.

Can carers/support workers/parents get involved?
Absolutely – in fact the last week of the program sees the participants putting all their new knowledge into practice to beat a carer/support worker or parent – so they better be paying attention!

We need some keen helpers to work with our Lane Rangers to help reinforce the skill learnt for the week, provide some encouragement, aid communication and keep participants focused.  There is no specialist bowling knowledge required.

I didn’t progress through all levels of the program. Can I participate again?  
Of course! Like anything, participants will progress at different levels and are not expected to successfully complete all six levels.  You can simply enroll in BowlAbilities again next term and commence from where you left off. 

I can’t find a venue close by? Why not?
BowlAbilities is a brand new program and we are progressively rolling this out across the country. If you can’t find a suitable venue please drop us an email and we’ll contact you as soon as your nearest centre is running the program.

Is enrolling online the only option?
Like most programs, the only option for enrollment and payment is through the BowlAbilities website so that we have all your details to be able to run safe and effective programs. 

What are the credentials of the Lane Rangers (coaches)?
All Lane Rangers have undergone training to deliver the BowlAbilities program and have current Working with Children (or equivalent) checks. They are also encouraged to complete the Special Olympics Coaching course.