Bowl At Home

BowlAbilities has put together a range of different exercises and activities that anybody can do at home. These exercises and activities are simple things that can be done at home with minimal equipment. They include learning new skills like lunges, the spiderman release and a balanced stance.

Challenge yourself further with activities that involve working on target practice and skill development through reinforcing skills learnt in Bowl Patrol and BowlAbilities.

Bowl @ Home - Disability Sport & Recreation Online

Join Tenpin Bowling Australia's Emily Rennes as she takes you through the first four Bowl @ Home videos in one half-hour session. Have a ball, can and drink bottle ready to go.

Session 1 - Rock on Fingers and How to Hold a Bowling Ball

In this video, learn how to hold a bowling ball using your 'rock on fingers'. Challenge yourself by doing a series of lunge activities with your 'rock on fingers'.

Equipment: Small ball, can or drink bottle. Chair or wall for balance.


Session 2 - Spiderman Release

In this video, learn about the spiderman release. Challenge yourself by using your spiderman release while lunging. Then meet the TBA participation team, as they bowl around Australia!

Equipment: Small ball, can or drink bottle and a chair.


Session 3 - A Balanced Stance

In this video, use your spiderman release while practicing a balanced stance. Challenge yourself by playing the bean bag target game, and try to beat your score!

Equipment: Small bean bag or rolled up socks. Small buckets (such as ice cream containers).


Session 4 - Targeting

In this video, use the skills you've learnt from the previous sessions and put them into practice. Use your rock on fingers, spiderman release and balanced stance to roll your ball at the targets.

Equipment: Small ball. Cones or upright cans to aim for.



Follow along and set some challenges or goals to achieve! Your Lane Ranger is sure to be impressed with your home practice.