Online Lane Ranger Training

Begin online training for Bowl Abilities Lane Rangers below.

The training required to deliver Bowl Patrol and Bowl Abilities is now online. This course is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about the basics of tenpin bowling. Whether you’re a teacher, support worker, coach, parent or just keen to expand your skills – this is for you.

Here’s the navigation list, read through the course, watch the videos as you go:

1. Introduction to Tenpin Bowling Australia, Bowl Patrol & Bowl Abilities
2. Ranging the Lanes how we deliver the program differently
3. Inclusions & Modifications to ensure every body enjoys learning to bowl
4. The Sessions what’s the curriculum focus and progression
5. Quiz to ensure you’ve learnt how to be an awesome Lane Ranger!

We’ll test your learning with a few quiz questions at the end, after submitting these we’ll be in contact via email for your next steps including approving your access to the Lane Ranger portal – don’t forget to register.

Feel free to take notes or return to any point of the course as you like. After completing this course, you may also need to be an Assistant Lane Ranger (help a Lane Ranger) until you’re confident delivering your own sessions.

If you get stuck at any point through the training, please contact us via our:
Websites: or
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Or message our socials: @bowlpatrolaus @bowlabilities

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