About Bowl Abilities

Australia’s only Inclusive Tenpin Bowling program for adults

BowlAbilities is Australia’s only INCLUSIVE Tenpin Bowling program designed specifically for older teens and adults

It’s a 6-8 WEEK program that focuses on the participant’s ABILITY, not their disability.

Teaching the fundamental skills of tenpin bowling improves COORDINATION, BALANCE and PHYSICAL ACTIVITY LEVELS.

BowlAbilities is SAFE and FUN- using carpets on the lanes to get the participants closer to the pins.

A modified 5-frame game and simplified scoring system promotes SKILL development, a sense of ACHIEVEMENT and SELF-CONFIDENCE.

Meeting like-minded adults promotes SOCIALISATION skills and TEAM WORK.

Working with others increases confidence in a social setting and provides opportunity to develop LEADERSHIP skills.

Program Features

  • 6-8 WEEK PROGRAM: 60 minute sessions, once per week
  • ON THE MOVE: Maximum of 3 participants per lane so they are always active
  • SHORTENED LANES: Modified length to match ability of each participants
  • SHORTENED GAMES: Modified 5-frame games (half a normal game) to keep participants focused
  • CHALLENGING:  No bumpers or ramps used (unless absolutely necessary) to ensure skill development
  • 6 LEVELS of ACHIEVEMENT: progression based on ABILITY
  • MODIFIED SCORING: Simplified scoring designed to be easily understood
  • LANE RANGERS: Program delivered by trained facilitators, who have completed TBA’s training and have experience coaching participants with a disability. Lane Rangers are also encouraged to complete the Special Olympics Coaching Course
  • REWARDING: Recognition of individual achievements and progress
  • SUPPORT: support resources developed with assistance from Special Olympics Australia and Aspect Australia to assist delivery and communication